•  Inflammation in the nasal cavity following exposure to an allergen is known as allergic rhinitis.

    A patient suffering from allergic rhinitis may present with any of the following symptoms on exposure to the allergen:

  •  Watery nasal discharge
  •   Sneezing
  •   Nasal obstruction
  •   Decreased or loss of sense of smell
  •   Itch in the nose, scratchy throat
  •   Watery eyes

    Allergic rhinitis may be:

  •   Seasonal: aggravation of symptoms during change of season
  •   Perennial: symptoms present throughout the year

    Management of allergic rhinitis:

  •  Avoidance of allergen/trigger
  •   Antihistaminics
  •   Nasal sprays that contain steroids to reduce inflammation locally
  •   Eye drops to reduce itching and provide lubrication