Foreign body in the ear

  •  A foreign body may be inserted in the ear intentionally or by accident.
  •  Children are more likely to insert foreign bodies in the ear out of curiosity. Objects inserted may include crayon pieces, glitter, pieces of erasers and other small objects in reach of the child. In such cases, it is advisable to keep small objects that can be inserted in the ear away from children.
  •   In adults, the foreign bodies may be left behind unintentionally (for example a cotton bud while cleaning the ear) or an insect may enter the ear.
  •   A foreign body in the ear may cause decreased hearing, discharge or pain. Removal of these foreign bodies is of utmost important as it can cause inflammation in the ear resulting in further complications and possibly a hole in the ear drum.
  •   The treatment of a FB in the ear is removal. Sometimes it may have been in the ear unnoticed for a long duration making it difficult and more painful to remove. In such cases removal may be done under sedation.
  •   It may be removed with the help of suction or washed out depending on the type and depth of the foreign body