Foreign body in the nose

  •  Mostly seen in children as they insert objects in their ear nose and throat out of curiosity.
  •  This is dangerous because the foreign body can drop into the throat and into the airway causing breathing difficulty and choking. Foreign bodies such as button batteries are of particular concern. They can cause serious injury within the nasal cavity within several hours and can be dangerous if swallowed.
  •   If the foreign body remains in the nose it can get infected and even perforate the nasal septum.
  •   If a child complains of blockage in the nose and has one sided blood stained, foul smelling discharge, it may indicate the presence of a foreign body.
  •  You must seek immediate help if a foreign body is suspected in the nasal cavity and refrain from attempting to remove it yourself. This may cause the foreign body to dislodge and drop in the throat, or make it difficult for your doctor to visualise it in the presence of bleeding or clots.
  •  A foreign body may be visualised in the nose with an endoscope and further removal may be done via suctioning or removal with specialised instruments.
  •   If there is a localised infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics and nasal drops following removal.
  •   The child must be counselled to refrain from inserting objects in their ear, nose or mouth.