Thoracic Cancer

The Cancers which involve the glands, organs, and structure of Thoracic Cavity anre known as Thoracic cancer . It consists of second most common cancer i.e. Lung cancer in both Men and Women and Oesophageal Cancer

Sign & Symptoms

The symptoms in Thoracic cancer depends upon type of cancer and tissue involved As there is no early symptoms they are difficult to find out or Diagnose

Common Symptoms includes following:

  •  A cough which persist for long and getting worse in long term
  •  Smokers Cough
  •  Short Breathe or Sound in Breath(Wheezing)
  •  Blood in coughing or mucus with blood
  •  Feeling of tiredness or Fatigue
  •  Weakness
  •  Heartburn, Vomiting ,Indigestion for long period
  •  Losing weight without reason or Loss of Appetite
  •  Hoarseness
  •  Feeling of chest pain when Laughing, Coughing or deep breathing

  • Although above stated symptoms does not indicate that there is cancer but mostly seen in Thoracic Cancers patients. In many cases patients comes with Thoracic Cancers without a visible Symptoms.

    Different Types

    Lung Cancer , Oesophageal cancer(Food Pipe) and cancer of Chest wall Cavity are Known as Thoracic cancer

    •  Food pipe Cancers / Oesophageal Cancers
    •  Chest wall Cancers
    •  Mediastinal Cancers
    •  Lung Metastases.

    Causes and Risk factors

    Smoking is the main Cause of thoracic cancers. It usually seen in the People who are smokers presently or heavily smoked previously.

    The other common risk factors include:

    •  Exposure to radiation and radioactive materials
    •  Workplace exposures
    •  Exposure to other carcinogens
    •  Family history of lung cancer

    How To Prevent

    Few Factors like – Family history, Pollution, Radiation which increases the risk of Thoracic Cancer – Usually Unavoidable due to their presence in Human gene or atmosphere

    Things we can prevent, such as:

    •  Stop smoking.
    •  During visiting Radiation exposed area wearing Protective Gears etc.
    •  By Reducing exposure to toxic substances if avoidable.
    •  Regular Exercise and Proper Diet and maintaining of Health by following Health Regime.
    •  Regular Visit to Health Professional

    Mediastinal Mass

    The Central Portion of chest between lungs is called The mediastinum .If there is any growth of mass known as Mediastinal Mass which may be Benign or Cancerous.
    Usually this Thoracic cancer found during CT Scan when performed for any other reason because it appears with no signs and symptoms.

    The Symptoms include:

    •  Feeling of Chest pain
    •  Regular cough ,getting worse with time
    •  Sweating In Night
    •  Weight loss with no specific reason
    •  Fever


    Few test required to Diagnose the abnormality in Mediastinal region if above symptoms appears which may include:

    •  Mediastinoscopy
    •  Mediastinotomy
    •  Endobronchial Ultrasound


    •  Surgery
    •  Chemotherapy
    •  Radiation

    The Line of treatment depends upon type of tumor and how far it spread

    Metastatic Disease to the Lungs

    This is the type of Thoracic Cancer where cancer spreads form other parts of body and involves the Lungs.


    •  Surgery to remove tumors in the lungs
    •  Chemotherapy
    •  Radiation therapy

    Lung Cancer

    Lung Cancer is the cancer which involve the lining of Lung Airway or other parts of lungs like trachea, bronchioles, or alveoli.

    Lung cancer is most common cancer in the Cancers and is the top concerns for death due to cancers in Men and Women. As lung cancer is difficult to detect in initial stages where can be treated and cure easily . It Takes a long time to develop the symptoms.


    At Advanced stage cancerous cells involve large amount of spaces in lungs and develops the symptoms as follows:

    •  Feeling of Chest pain
    •  Regular cough ,getting worse with time
    •  Smokers Cough
    •  Sweating In Night
    •  Short Breathe or Sound in Breath(Wheezing)

    Its Important to check on all above symptoms as they duplicate the Upper Respiratory tract Infections to seek Medical advice if continue for long time

    With the time advances following symptoms may be seen:

    •  Chronic fatigue
    •  Blood in coughing or mucus with blood
    •  Weight loss with no specific reason


    The most common cause is Smoking for Lung cancer and Prevention is QUIT SMOKING.


    As treatment requires single or combination of Therapies depending on the intensity and spread of Cancer Cells:

    •  Surgery
    •  Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS)
    •  Chemotherapy
    •  Radiation therapy, including CyberKnife®